The Popstream: Jon Wurster with the Mountain Goats, "We Bite"


Jon Wurster is the man I would most like to have a beer with. There's a number of reasons for this, including but not limited to the fact that he's played with just about everyone awesome in indie rock, either live or in-studio: aside from his main gig drumming for Superchunk, he's also performed with Bob Mould, Portastatic, Rocket From the Crypt, the New Pornographers and the Mountain Goats. He's also half of Scharpling and Wurster, a radio comedy duo that plies their trade on New Jersey radio station WFMU and puts all the Morning Zoo Crews of the world to gibbering, droop-shouldered shame by turning call-in conversational segments into spectacular studies of cluelessness, delusion and hostility.

One of the recurring characters Wurster has played at some point or another in the long history of The Best Show on WFMU is Glenn Danzig, but his impression of the Misfits frontman isn't confined to the airwaves of New Jersey freeform radio. This Mountain Goats show at Chicago's Empty Bottle in November '07 features a rousing rendition of Misfits classic "We Bite".

Unfortunately the audio quality isn't that clear, so if you want a better idea of just how Wurster sounded, well, here's a rehearsal:

Happy New Year's, and see you Friday.


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