The Popstream: David Lee Roth! En Español!

I kinda feel sorry for David Lee Roth in a way: maybe we as a society have finally gotten over his getting replaced by a Tequila-hocking smarmball at the height of Van Halen's powers, but over the last year or so he's been goofed on by comedy fanzine Chunklet, who leaked his vocal-only track of "Runnin' With the Devil" and spawned a flood of ridiculous YouTube memes and mashups, not to mention this recently-circulated (and hilarious) Asteroids remake. The end result is that more people than ever think he's a bizarre, capering karate imp who runs on sheer hubris -- but how accurate a description is that for a man who went the extra mile to record his solo debut LP in two different languages?
Yes, this is David Lee Roth performing (i.e. lip-synching) Eat 'Em and Smile single "Goin' Crazy" as "Loco Del Calor" on Mexican TV sometime in the mid-late '80s. There's technically nothing intrinsically absurd about the concept of Roth singing in Spanish -- at least not until you couple it with the footage of the stuff he was wearing during his first big shot at solo stardom -- it's just that if you didn't know about DLR's bilingual aspirations this clip feels like some odd transmission from an alternate universe that Lou Dobbs wakes up screaming in the middle of the night imagining. We are not this awesome, and we will never be this awesome.

(Thanks to It's the Real and their Twitter for this clip.)

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