The Pet Shop Boys turn State's stage into lifelike Tetris game

Daft Punk at Coachella had I seen an electronic act put as much thought into their stage setup.

The staging was a stark backdrop of white blocks acting as both a prop and projector screen, finally toppling to the feet of the matching 'cube people' dancing around frontman Neil Tennant as producer Chris Lowe played beats live in a booth off to the side. Much of it resembled the video for their controversial track "Go West".

 High-energy for nearly both hours save a lingering mid-set lag of slower-tempo tunes "Jealousy" and "The Way It Used To Be," (when Tennant donned a suit and bowler) the Boys and their "cubie" dancers took the show full throttle all while avoiding coming off as trying too hard to hold fans' attention.

 Highlights of the night included an early-on performance of "You Were Always On My Mind" (also made famous by Elvis and Willie Nelson), Saturday Night Fever line-dancing to "New York City Boy" and the massive igloo-of-sorts cascading to the floor after "Domino Dancing" (wherein Tennant sings, "Watch them all fall down"). At the end of the show, the human Legos take the cubes off their heads, get introduced, and tear off their typical 9-to-5 ensembles, breaking out of their robotic movements and coming alive with soulful and inspired dancing for final number .... (you got it) "West End Girls."

By the time exhilarated fans took to the exits, it was clear no one was thinking about work the next day -- and we're sure that was the whole point. 

Pet Shop Boys - Divided By Zero - State Theatre 9/16/09 from city pages on Vimeo.