The Original 7ven help launch the start of the NBA season

Not only can local pro hoops fans finally rejoice that the lengthy NBA strike has at long last been settled, and the restocked and recharged (but still substandard, apparently) Minnesota Timberwolves can decisively take to the court again. But they can also take some pride in knowing that local legends the Original 7ven (aka The Time) have partnered with Fox Sports Net to help kickoff the festive start to the basketball season.

The venerable Minneapolis group's energetic new tune "#Trendin" will accompany hoop highlights and game recaps featured on the station throughout the season, lending some decidedly Twin Cities funk flavor to clips of Kevin Love's rim rattling dunks and Ricky Rubio's stylish no-look passes.

"#Trendin" comes from the Original 7ven's exuberantly soulful new record, Condensate, which represents the first time these seven musicians have recorded together in over 21 years. The track obviously capitalizes on the current Twitter craze, but rather than coming across as a mere cash-in by hoary, out-of-touch old fogeys, the song is imbued with the same rowdy, highly suggestive spirit that the group displayed in their heyday back in the mid-'80s.

Condensate also comes a full 30 years after the group first started making music in Minneapolis, launching the familiar sound that Prince would eventually take to the masses in Purple Rain. And while the diminutive Purple One brought up a pesky lawsuit to prevent the Original 7ven from using The Time moniker (which Prince claims he owns the rights to), the band didn't let that phase them in the least, and recorded a fresh new collection of tracks that adds a bold new kick to the vaunted Minneapolis Sound. And, by letting FSN use "#Trendin" along with their basketball highlights this season, the Original 7ven saved all of us from having to hear yet another lame Black Eyed Peas song used ad nauseam throughout the year.

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