The Onion stops printing in Twin Cities, closes A.V. Club in four markets

Today marks the final day of The Onion's local presence in the Twin Cities. Both the print publication of the satirical newspaper, owned by the Pioneer Press, and the companion A.V. Club coverage of local arts and entertainment have closed for financial reasons, according to A.V. Club's Jason Zabel.

Chicago, Madison, and Denver also recently ended their local A.V. Club coverage, which leaves Milwaukee and Toronto as the remaining cities. Both news sources will continue to exist as national entities.

In a note posted on the site today, Zabel lamented what journalists of all stripes must realistically face. "The loss of local coverage is an unfortunate but common occurrence these days," he writes. "But the loss of The A.V. Club here in the Twin Cities makes me especially sad, and not just because I'm out of a job, but because I think this publication has a unique voice. In our time publishing in the Twin Cities, we have tried our best to develop a publication that we feel reflects the Twin Cities: smart, fun, and a little bit different."

Zabel mentions the A.V. Club's previous editors -- Christopher Bahn and City Pages alum Lindsey Thomas -- as folks "who both provided a sturdy lake dock from which other writers could do backflips off of."

Recently, Zabel took part in an online roundtable discussion of local hip-hop coverage (we did too), and penned an insightful piece, "Can Minnesota bounce with Big Freedia?" which discusses what role fringe artists like Spyder Baybie Raw Dog 3K And 2% Muck play in the local music community.

Unsurprisingly, Zabel ends his note with humor: "I could end this post with a gloomy quote from a Garrison Keillor poem, but I won't do that to you guys. Thanks for reading, Twin Cities. And, please, never stop being proud about your biking culture."

Read the entire posting here -- and here's Chicago's, Madison's, and a story from Denver. We wish Jason and the rest of the A.V. folks well.

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