The Night release a new EP at the Entry

Everything from their name to the number of members in the band hint at something simple, but post-punk Minneapolis electro-duo, The Night, are anything but straightforward.

Their songs sound like collaborations within themselves -- two halves not quite fitting together as you'd expect -- yet still sounding extraordinary and alluring. 

Gimme Noise spoke to the band before the release of their 7" at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday.

Band Members:

The Night release a new EP at the Entry

It seems as if The Night has an '80s aesthetic in your sound. Who comes up with the concepts for the songs and sound of the pieces? 

Zach: I think the '80s sound kinda shines through because of some of the gear I use, but New Wave and EBM are genres I love and they have an influence, no doubt. I think it's Dre's lyrics that really bring it all together though. Her style totally reminds me of something from the era, but at the same time, there is no one else who sounds like her.

Dre: Usually Zach sends me a rough bit of a song, and we'll go back and forth rearranging, adding, subtracting. He claims he picks out song titles at random. So I sorta start visualizing a story around the title and the sound when I'm writing the lyrics.

I'm loving the dreamlike sounds that weave throughout the pieces. Where do you draw inspiration from when imagining these songs?

Zach: I think the real foundation of The Night is a mutual love of drum machines, electro and occult topics. Hearing a cool little part on a Debbie Deb song or some weird audio clip of Jim Jones have been actual inspirations for songs. I absolutely love the synth based soundtracks to low budget 80s horror movies. I think there should be an award at the Grammys for them. That's a big one for me. I also secretly wish we were more like Three 6 Mafia..

Dre: He has a giant wall of VHS horror movies you've never heard of. Unfortunately for Zach, I'm pretty sure I can't rap at all so he might have to start a side project to get his Three 6 Mafia fix. Although I can definitely see the influence in the badass beats he comes up with.

Helltown by thenight

How do you know Nyteowl, and how did you come to working with him on a remix?

Zach: He found us on Soundcloud. 

Dre: He wanted me to sing on his Sk3l3tons project. So we offered to do a trade-I work on a song with him and he picks a song for a remix, which turned out fantastically weird and wonderful.

What was the idea behind releasing the EP, Helltown, on 7"?

Zach: We've been giving CDs out for free for 2 years, I couldn't imagine selling one at this point. Who cares about CDs anyways? They're ugly and disposable. Vinyl just seemed like the way to go. It's like, you're actually getting something for your money.

Dre: Records are cool and have a sort of permanence. To me its like an artifact of our existence. We had enough material and thought about doing a full 12" record, but in the end it made more sense to do a 7", because we are expecting to sell them mostly at shows. When you're at a show dropping $6 for a 7" is affordable.

What was the ultimate goal when you began this EP?

Zach: I think the ultimate goal was to show how awesome we are. We recorded our favorite songs and are hoping that people agree with us.

Dre: To create a piece of art out of our music. And, for me, to have some sort of documentation of us...I think we started having so many songs, it was important to get them down as some sort of record.

How did you come to the decision to have the CD release at the 7th Street Entry and what can we expect at the show?

Zach: I don't even think we thought about it for more than a minute. The Entry was our first choice. It has so much history and after attending so many awesome shows there throughout the years, its super exciting to have the chance to release our record there. We can barely contain ourselves!

As for what can be expected. there are three outstanding bands on the bill with us. We've done a bunch of shows with The Rope and The Trapezoids and they are both amazing and we've been dying to play a show with Ghost in the Water for a while now, so we are pumped to see them, as I am sure everyone else is too. We might have a few tricks up our sleeve for the show, but I thinks its best to wait and see...

Dre: Yeah, 7th Street was the first choice for sure. I'm super excited because I couldn't dream up a better bill. It's a night with our favorite bands, which all share common likenesses, but have their own unique sound and are on vastly different ends of the spectrum. So it'll be a great show for sure!

The Night will release their new EP, Helltown, a the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday, 12/21/2011 with The Rope, Ghost in the Water and The Trapezoids.  18+, $5, 8 pm

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