The Next Round of Sloppy Seconds

But Mom, the BBC says fuck. When do we get to say fuck?

The Futon Critic recently posted a list of developing shows in Fox's 2005-06 line-up. Among the fetal contenders is Peep Show, a premise taken from the 2003 BBC comedy of the same name. The original told everyday stories through from POV of two roommates: socially inept office drone Mark and slacker musician Jeremy. Riding The Office's wave of uncomfortable comedy, the dialogue (both internal and external) was awkward and vulgar. Just imagine listening in on all the off-color comments David Brent was smart enough to keep to himself.

Fox handed this over to writers from That '70s Show and is now promoting their version as "a modern-day Odd Couple." But Felix never tried to convince his crush he was "edgy" by slipping her a swastika-adorned valentine. And can you imagine Oscar conspiring to pepper-spray his crackhead bandmate for shagging his next-door neighbor/potential fuck buddy? Perhaps the network that took a chance on Arrested Development can salvage some of the offensive bits but in the meantime download, download, download the original. Ten bucks says Fox yanks the story line where poor, confused Mark falls for a smarmy black businessman and explores his feelings through gay porn.

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