The Music Alliance Pact brings in fresh pep from everywhere

Israel's Desert has some klezmer hidden in there somewhere
Israel's Desert has some klezmer hidden in there somewhere

The Music Alliance Pact was initiated by Scottish music blog The Pop Cop (recently mourned by Franz can read the full story of its demise here), who assembled a confederation of 30 pan-global music blogs, each contributing one hopefully representative song per month, in the hopes of stopping plate tectonics (my favorite bumper sticker). Really, obviously, they just want to bring attentive music fans some targeted and curated perspective. Of course any project, especially of a tastemaker nature, rests on the shoulders (tastes) of the individuals involved, so lucky for us they seem to have some.

I suggest listening to all of it, if only for the hilarious band names and lovely surprises, but mostly for your own worldly edification. You can hear all of the songs here.

However! I listened to all the songs in the most recent mix from this month, and for my part recommend the following...

England - The Archie Bronson Outfit - "Shark's Tooth"

Germany - L'egojazz - "Ovatime"

Greece - Sleepin Pillow - "Silicone"

Israel - Desert - "Letter of Marque"

Italy - Vermillion Sands - "Miss My Gun"

New Zealand - Bandicoot  - "Silence Is Golden"

South Korea - Vidulgi OoyoO - "Goodnight Shining"

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