The Mumford and Sons' "Lover of the Light" video that everyone is fangirling all over

We don't need to dream no more.
We don't need to dream no more.

Mumford and Sons have just released a new, pretty video for their new U.K. single "Lover of the Light" (still not an official U.S. single) off their second full-length album Babel. The video was directed by and stars the British actor Idris Elba (The Wire and Luther), who is not bad-looking or anything.

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The Mumford crew are big fans of Elba, who told BBC that they think his is "the most badass British actor since Richard Briars." They all got together over "ales" to talk about what a video might look like, and then handed over creative license to the actor and scriptwriter Dan Cadan.

The video starts out with some wave sounds, and Elba is standing on a beach, and then the song starts playing. We cut to Elba in bed, and we follow him around his day as he wakes up, has breakfast, gets dressed. Elba apparently plays a blind man who only wants to be closer to nature -- hence the cuts to close-up shots of a majestic-looking buck, which is possibly Elba's spirit animal.

Then, Elba walks outside, dressed in a nice suit and tie and looking like a broker, makes a face like he's going to cry, and takes off running wildly through a forest, along a beach, and, ultimately, to a cliff overlooking a beach. He can't see any of these things, but he can feel them, like, a hundred times more than anyone has ever felt anything before. He is all boundless joy and energy, rapturous in the light which he loves. Ahhhhh.

All the classic Mumfy essentials of the song are there: marvelous, sweeping crescendos (we count three, at least); Marcus Mumford's grainy, powerful vocals; great, swelling, uplifting emotional buildup. And paired with Elba's (admittedly gorgeous and well-executed) cinematography, really, what more could you possibly ask for in a video? Except maybe a shot or something of the band playing, but whatever.

And so continues the limitless legacy of Mumford and Sons, the band you really wish you could not like. If only their music wasn't so earnest. Right?

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