The Minnesota Zoo pisses off Chrissie Hynde


The Pretenders concert, which is also slated to feature openers Cat Power and Juliette Lewis, is being moved to another venue after frontwoman Chrissie Hynde wrote a critical letter to zoo officials. Hynde was upset over the way the zoo handles its Family Farm exhibit.

"How can a zoo invite children to touch and play with and express joy over animals for their uniqueness, only to turn around and sell those very animals to slaughter?" Hynde wrote in a letter to zoo director Lee Ehmke. The zoo says that they have always been very open about the process that they follow in the exhibit, which includes graphics portraying the processing of animals. "Goats, sheep, calves and pigs from the exhibit are sold at livestock auctions at the end of each summer season, just as they would be on a regular farm," the Star Tribune writes.

The band was originally slated to play the zoo's Weesner Amphitheater on August 13. According to the Star Tribune, concert promoter Sue McLean is searching for an alternative venue, possibly the Orpheum Theatre.

McLean says that Hynde's disapproval of the zoo's practices is only one aspect of their decision to move the show. Other reasons for the shift included "high ticket demand, the size of the show -- two warm-up acts are also on the ticket -- and the zoo's 10:30 p.m. curfew."