The Millionth Word releases their debut full length at the Hexagon tonight.


Few places are more welcome on a Friday night than the Hexagon Bar. After a financially and emotionally impoverished autumn workweek, it’s a place that just begs for our tired, our poor, our huddled masses yearning to drink cheap tall boys. The copper colossus of the eastern seaboard may not quite have lived up to that noble inscription, but, by God, the Hexagon still believes in things that are free.

Tonight’s show sees Minneapolis five piece The Millionth Word releasing their debut full length disc. Theirs is a rare breed of pop rock that dimly glitters like a dark star, almost, but not quite, sacrificing simple listenability at the altar of their remarkably deep and engaging musicianship. There’s whitewater foaming against their deceptively simple guitar hooks. Guitarists Andy Lund and Dave Brockschmidt drone in a bristling feud for supremacy, a contest mediated by Kai Beson’s bass work. Over everything, Rita Puskas’ visceral scream provides enough jagged edges to snag even the most casual passerby. The sum is rock and roll that manages to beat your brain in while stimulating its finer neural pathways, all with the same velvet cudgel. With The God Damn Doo Wop Band and Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble supporting, and without a cover charge to handicap your treasuries, it’s a show that should have plenty of off-balance concert-goers drooling on the merchandise and trying earnestly to separate their fives from their tens.

Friday, October 24. Hexagon Bar. Free. 21+. The Millionth Word (CD Release), The God Damn Doo Wop Band, Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble, and Double Bird.