The Menstrual Tramps: No Hesitation, No Defeat

The Menstrual Tramps
No Hesitation, No Defeat

The Menstrual Tramps don't like Bush. As an American male, a duplicitous warmonger, and a symbol of corporate tyranny, our 43rd president hits the Menstrual Tramps' shitlist trifecta. "The innocent die in war, blood turns into oil/Criminals run this country, mass producing turmoil," guitarist Chyna White snarls in a unisex gutterpunk retch.

White and drummer Selena Garcia have only been performing together since the late '90s, but the all-woman band's reliance on basic three-chord punk songs could lead you to conclude that their vitriol is aimed at the original Desert Stormer, rather than his son. Their new self-released album, No Hesitation, No Defeat, is a throwback to the hasty, short, and brutish hardcore of the Reagan years and the first Bush presidency.

But while their threats of class warfare and indictments of the "male-dominated society" may be by-the-numbers, the Minneapolis trio has a big surprise in store for the mosh pit at their 7th St. Entry show Thursday night. The Tramps' bass player, Val Miller, is in the late stages of pregnancy, her baby due a mere 10 days after the gig. The image of a Hot Topic Maternity-clad mother-to-be seems guaranteed to create feelings of hope and good humor that will be hard to reconcile with punk's anger and self- destructive nihilism.

No worries, though—White, who also has a child, is sure to provide a reality check when she sings, "Work 60 a week just to feed the kids/Daddy's getting drunk 'cause he's on the list." There's some territory Minor Threat never covered.