The Local sets world record for most Jameson Whiskey sold

(photo by Shadowgate via Flickr)

The Local understands that Minnesotans like their whiskey. They like it more than Dublin, Ireland, New York City, and Boston. In fact, they liked it enough to drink 671 cases of Jameson in 2008. That's 22 bottles a day.

The bar, located at 931 Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, is co-owned by Kieran Folliard and Peter Killen, both originally from Ireland themselves.

This Monday, representatives from Irish Distillers Limited in Dublin, Ireland will be in town to present a plaque to the Local in deference to their achievement. The event kicks off at 5 p.m. with a brief ceremony, followed by drinks, drinking, and presumably, drunks.

Though straight whiskey on the rocks is a classic drink, the pub also offers whiskey cocktails. Their Big Ginger is a popular one (and a past City Pages "Drink of the Week"), and tastes sort of like a ginger ale with a punch to the head.