The Kills tonight in the First Avenue Main Room


Separate but together-- The Kills perform tonight at First Avenue.

The critical and commercial success of The Kills is proof that sometimes, albeit rarely, and usually not for very long, the public gets it right.

We all know by now that lo-fi is the new hi-fi, and that the current trend, as supported by the good people at Pitchfork, is one of studio fear. If you can't hear the tape hiss, if the song doesn't start with a few errant notes on the guitar neck, if you can't hear the drummer throne squeaking in the mix, then, some how, it's not fully real.

"Black Balloon" by The Kills.

You can thank the Mountain Goats for this. And when you're done thanking Mountain Goats, thank The Kills. There are always critics. some would say that lo-fi, far from being any more organic a recording approach than the multi-million dollar studio, is nothing but an empty aesthetic. Then there are those who say, who cares? Have you heard No Wow?

Tonight, the Kills grace the First Avenue main stage, at a stunningly low $14.00 ticket price ($12.00 if you woke up yesterday to grab tix in advance like a good, eager citizen), and it's one of those shows that, particularly on a culturally arid Monday night, you can count as unmissable. For almost a decade, the dynamic duo of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have been making indie-rock (and, occasionally, indie-pop) a grittier and more challenging affair, even if their music doesn't stray too far past the chain link fence that kennels the genre.

There is nothing sweeter than a simple thing done well, except perhaps a simple thing done well and delivered with a surprising sense of style. The songs feel hand built, and you can hear it, the same way you can taste the difference between Tum Rup Thai and Lean Cuisine.

18+ . 8:00 P.M. $12.00 advance/ $14.00 door. With Magic Wands and The Horrors. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.