The Kidneys Are Alright benefit this Sunday at Club Jäger

A little less than a year ago Chris Strouth used a new tool to solve an old problem: finding a kidney to combat his IGA nephropathy (Harold, for short). He went to Twitter. You can read more about that story here and here, but suffice it to say: his 140-character gambit worked, and his new kidney been filtering blood and urine like a charm for almost a year now. Naturally he wanted to celebrate, which he did in February at the 501 Club with the event New Kidney On the Block. This Sunday he's set to do it again with a long lineup of friends and compatriots on Club Jäger's gigantic and gorgeous patio.

The event is being presented by l'etoile and all proceeds go to fund kidney disease research. There shall be grilled nomnoms!  And the lineup goes something (exactly) like this:

Faux Jean
Felonious Bosch
John Munson
The Mighty Mofos
the VibroChamps
Blue Sky Blackout

Bonus: it's like thirty-six peoples' birthdays, so expect a fair dose of summertime revelry.

The Kidneys Are Alright
2-10PM Sunday, August 1 at Club Jäger

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