The Jayhawks cover Sister Rosetta Tharpe's "Up Above My Head" (VIDEO)

The Jayhawks just released a new music video featuring an old song that'll still be new to many folks. The gospel standard "Up Above My Head" wasn't on the original version of their celebrated 1992 release, Hollywood Town Hall, but was added as a bonus track on the 2011 reissue.

This is a cover of a tune attributed to Sister Rosetta Tharpe that dates back half a century, and the 'Hawks definitely made the tune their own. Perhaps after having unofficial video of the band performing the song over the past few years pop up on YouTube, the guys decided to put their own stamp on it.

Interspersed with wintry footage from around the Twin Cities, the clip is credited to City Pages photographer Steve Cohen. It features live footage of the band performing with Kaiser Cartel on backing vocals at the State Theater back in February.

Here is Sister Rosetta Tharpe laying into it. She is smoke on the the guitar. And if this clip somehow seems familiar, it was featured during one of the channel-surfing moments during Audrey Tautou's breakout in Amelie.

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