The Jack Brass Band at the Cabooze

Peter S. Scholtes

The Jack Brass Band has a fever, and the only prescription is more sousaphone--two, to be exact. Which is how they won the Cabooze audience on hand for Saturday's 4th Annual Blowin' Up Brass Band Summit, after New Orleans headliners New Birth Brass Band canceled, and local ska-jazz openers the Brass Messengers barely lifted the "What else is going on tonight?" aura settling around the event. White Minnesotans playing black New Orleans funk in a second-line style, JBB are more than a unique sound in Guitar Town: Having mastered the unstoppable beat they love, they got the floor jumping within three songs, covering the Rolling Stones ("It's All Over Now") and the Rebirth Brass Band ("Same Thing On") with equal aplomb, and coaxing a dozen female dancers onstage for the finale. Note to Christopher Walken fans: They also do great cowbell.

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