The Ike Reilly Assassination tonight at the Main Room


If Bukowski's heart pounded at just a few more BPMs, if the drunk being hoisted off his stool at last call was just a tad more literate, if your average rock band had spent as much time at the local library, every show could be so lucky.

Ike Reilly is less than a laureate, more than a drunken picker. Nearly a poet, transcendent of bar band tropes. His music is the tried and true kind, as comfortable and as well-fitted as a pair of jeans--the kind where you know the story behind every cigarette burn and fraying knee. Tonight, he brings his troupe to the Black Box on First and Seventh.

Ike Reilly in Italy. Yep. It happened.

Ike Reilly enjoys a very certain kind of success. There are numerous local stars, and a handful of nationals. But Reilly enjoys regional success--the freedom to roam at will from the Dakotas to the dairylands. From the Grandstand to the Turf Club and the Aquarium and back again, Reilly roves a tight circuit that keeps him vital and well known across his well travelled territory. He has the occasional spurt across the coasts, and another few across the globe, but wherever he may roam, Ike Reilly is a midwest property, and you can feel it in every note and syllable.

It's a unique kind of celebrity. Some might call him a whale in a puddle, but that's selling everyone short. In a Midwest market that has spawned Haley Bonar, the Pines, Mason Jennings, and Solid Gold (forgive us for laying it on rather thick for the local monsieurs and madams), Reilly's command of local crowds is nothing to be sneezed at. He's rated ink in major markets across the nation, with favorable reviews in the Onion and shout outs in Rolling Stone. Reilly is a definite and potent force.

Is he a local lad? Not quite, but close. There are some that say that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. And that's precisely what Reilly is--an explosive, thrown by hand. Leave your protective gear at home--with an open enough heart, you just might walk out a changed listener.

18+. 7:30 P.M. $12.00 advance/$15.00 door. With The Magnoalias and Crossing Guards. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.