The Idle Hands get busy at the Kitty Cat Klub


The Kitty Cat Klub was the place to be Saturday night. At least that's how it seemed as I waded through the thick crowd of scenesters and local luminaries and attempted to get close the tiny corner stage -- with all of the fashionistas, radio personalities, musicians, and writers wandering through the crowd, it was hard to find somebody who didn't look familiar. (Case in point: My friend Marrina twittered at some point in the evening that she was, "At the KCK standing next to...well...everybody.")

Part of the reason for the great turnout was likely 89.3 the Current's sponsorship of the Idle Hands' CD release show, but I think it had even more to do with the fact that they are a powerhouse live act and that new material from the band has been greatly anticipated. Saturday night's show was a release party for their Loaded EP (the title track of which has been getting plenty of airtime on the Current), and in September they will release a full-length album, The Hearts We Broke On the Way to the Show, via Pretty Kids Collective records.

The band was in top form on Saturday. Lead singer Ciaran Daly perched himself at the top of the stairs leading up to the stage (the five-piece band was a bit crowded in the small space), his microphone hiked up from the floor beneath him. From the get-go the band sounded tight -- an impressive feat for the way they were arranged on top of one another -- and Daly lead the pack with his wry, sometimes-scoffed, sometimes-sung lyrics.

It was my first time seeing the full band together, but I had seen Daly perform a few times by himself before -- the most recent of which was at the David Bowie tribute night Rock for Pussy. Daly pulled off the Bowie strut perfectly that night, and some elements of that performance bled into his role as frontman; he snickered, sniffed, and yelped at all the right places, lending a bit of attitude to their post-punk pop sound.

For those who have only heard "Loaded" on the Current and are considering digging further into this band, see them live -- the songs translated well to the stage, and led more than a few people to start dancing uncontrollably in the packed room. The Idle Hands play the Stone Arch Festival on June 20 and the Bastille Day Block Party on July 12.