The Hussy/Zygoteens release split 7"

The Hussy/Zygoteens release split 7"

With a new split from The Hussy and The Zygoteens, Big Action Records brings two of Wisconsin's finer garage bands together on one release. In under ten minutes, the bands bring four songs that showcase a classic style, but with their own unique elements.

The two-piece Hussy kick things off, with "Round N Round," which is not a Ratt cover. Drummer Heather Sawyer sings the majority, with guitarist Bobby Wegner joining in sporadically to offer off-key harmonies that accentuate the rough-around-the-edges attack. It's quick and to the point, falling under the garage label without limited themselves to the trappings of the genre. The vocal trade off maintains the energy even while the music is a bit repetitive. Not that any 7" is a long player, but the Hussy's three minutes of content goes exceptionally quickly--which also means that it's enjoyable. Despite being a two-piece, the band has a very full sound.

The Hussy/Zygoteens release split 7"

The Zygoteens take Side B, with a less sloppy, familiar take on rock. They, too, play under the garage label, but with a pronounced Ramones-influence driven by their booming lead vocals, group choruses (which are seemingly comprised of the song's title), and the power-chord, bridge approach to songwriting. They don't have the attitude of The Hussy, but their rock more than makes up for it with anthemic choruses like the breakup song "No More." A scratchy vinyl is perfect for their late 60s-influenced sound.

Buy it directly from Big Action Records.

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