The Hussy release Weed Seizure at Turf Club tonight


Madison's The Hussy are about to hit St. Paul for a joint release show that celebrates both the two-piece's second LP, Weed Seizure, and a new 7" on Eradicator Records. 

In the past year, the band has dropped two full-lengths and several EPs. Recently, they've traveled the country on a nationwide tour to support the new LP. Weed Seizure originally came out on March 20 and the band is getting set for a second pressing before they head west. In their month-long break between East and West Coast tours, the band is relaxing at home and mixing in a few Midwest shows, with Saturday at the Turf among them. Of added significance, it is also a release show for the new 7".

Gimme Noise reached out to talk with the garage/trash-punk band about the tour, the record, and producing so many records over a short period of time.

Gimme Noise: You recorded the new record yourself. Did you learn anything new about the band or about your songwriting by doing so?

Bobby Hussy: I learned a lot more about recording between doing the first record and this record. I recorded the first one pretty hastily. Last time we had a friend, Todd Ostertag, mix the record. This time I decided to mix it, which is pretty ideal.

It's nice to be able to tweak everything to sound exactly how Heather and I want it to sound. Plus, it gives me unlimited time to record guitars and keys and have Heather overdub percussion and just expand out the sound. Live we'll always be a two-piece, but we both want the records to sound full and not boring. We want them to have replay value.

You're already repressing Weed Seizure. Is it selling faster than the first one?

Bobby: This record definitely is selling faster. The first one sold out in a little under a year. This one took about a month. So, yeah, we're repressing it for the West Coast. I think we're doing color vinyl on the repress to distinguish the pressings. I'm pumped about that.

You've also dropped two new 7"s in addition to the record. Are you always writing, or is it more of a production/timing issue that you've consistently got new records coming out?

Heather Sawyer: I would say it is a little of both. It took a while for our first LP, Cement Tomb Mind Control, to come out. In that time we wrote a lot but, in general, we are usually writing something.

You've done a lot of label jumping from one release to the next. Can you see the band settling down with a consistent label, or do you prefer to work with a lot of different people?

Bobby: I would love to settle down with one label for LPs, for sure. We've got one in mind. Hmmm. You can probably imagine based on our favorite bands. There are a couple others that would be really great as well. But I think we'll always want to do one-offs and weirder releases on other labels. I think it's fun to do multiple projects on different labels to keep it fresh and exciting.

You set your guitar on fire in New York. I'm guessing this was planned as you had the lighter fluid on hand. What inspired this/how do you think it went over? Will you try it again?

Bobby: I've done it a bunch of times before and after then. It really depends on the show. If we're feeling it and it feels right, then the guitar gets lit on fire. That Jaguar has only been MIA for 1 of our 150+ shows so, yeah, that thing is magical/fire retardant/break-resistant or something. It's lost all the switches and a few tuning knobs along the way (switches haven't been replaced, but the tuning pegs have). It's suffered, but it still works. It goes loud or off. No middle ground or tone changing, full bore or nothing at all!

How have the host venues responded to the pyrotechnics?

Bobby: Most places have been cool. We really only got into shit in Port Huron, Michigan, of all places. They're uptight up there. Well, that and I was lighting a guitar on fire in an all wood structure that was over 100 years old....with the fire marshal watching (how the hell was I supposed to know he was the fire marshal?). We still got paid at the gig so it was fine in the end. I just think we probably can't go back there.

What are you most excited about with the St. Paul show?

Bobby: We're most excited to play the Turf Club. The Hussy has never played there so it should be fun. We're really excited to hang out with our bud Zabby from Big Action Records and play with his band Bird Sounds. That's always fun too. We love the Twin Cities!

Voytek, The Hussy, Bird Sounds, and Kid Fears play at Turf Club on Saturday May 5.

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