The Hounds Below: Preview photos from next week's City of Music


For the next installment of City of Music, which debuts Monday morning on Gimme Noise, director Dan Huiting caught up with touring act the Hounds Below for a video shoot.

Huiting tells us how he found out about the band:

[jump] "Before I left for SXSW my friend Robyn Lewis told me about this great band featuring Jason from the Von Bondies called The Hounds Below," he says. "We went to the Turf and saw them and I agreed that they ruled. Dude sings his ass off. Another friend and fellow Von Bondie, Christy Hunt, hooked me up with Jason and we scheduled this shoot at the house they were renting in Austin."

Check back Monday morning for the debut of the next City of Music with the Hounds Below, and see below for some preview photos by Andre Durand.

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