The Honeydogs' "Aubben" video features ass shaking aplenty

The official release of the Honeydogs' tenth studio album, What Comes After, is now just a week away. Update: Stream the whole thing over at Paste. Here, we have the local rock septet's first single, "Aubben," accompanied by an assortment of visuals that date back to before most of us were old enough to read music blogs. Assembled by friend of the band Ryan Paul Plewacki of Sleep Study, there are a few definitive themes in the clip that reveal themselves pretty quick.

One of them is definitely ass shaking, Plewacki tells Gimme Noise. Read his commentary on creation of the video and watch it below.
Here's what Plewacki told us:

I didn't really know much about the meaning behind "Aubben." I knew who it was about and once heard Adam introduce it as "a song about a girl who sings on everyone's records." That was it. So, I decided to figure out what it meant to me. "Aubben" didn't ignite any deep personal wounds or anything, and I ultimately decided that the song simply made me want to get up and shake my ass. (I'm an introvert, so all ass shaking is done in my head.) The song also sparked memories of my friendship with Levy and the rest of the Honeydogs. So that was it: ass shaking and camaraderie.

I'd also like to be very forward about the fact that I don't make videos. I don't know what I'm doing and if something works, it's purely dumb luck. I don't even own a video camera.

My process is to weed through hundreds of public domain videos and edit them to my liking. In this case, I was looking for dancing. So, you are seeing footage of an old World's Fair, an instructional video put out by the auto industry teaching women how to become car models, and an educational film detering kids from joining youth gangs. The youth gang video is where I pulled the best stuff. Had I seen that video as a kid, I would've wanted nothing more than to join.

Another reason for choosing the videos I chose was because of the diversity of cultures. If there is anything I know about Adam and the guys, it's that they are an inclusive bunch.

And that is pretty much it. I wish I had a deeper sense of direction, but I didn't. With the weight of the economy and social injustices and personal dramas of the world, I felt the song was a decent reminder to sit back, dance and enjoy everyone around us.

Stand up, people.

The Honeydogs perform at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 1 at the Electric Fetus and will sign copies of What Comes After. Click here.

The Honeydogs perform an album release show at First Avenue at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 10. With Rogue Valley and Farewell Milwaukee. 18+ Tickets cost $10-$13. Click here.

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