The Hold Steady and Brother Ali collaborate on "Forest Whitaker"

Thank you, thank you, thank you times 1.4 million to my friend Kyle for locating this video for me, it has made my week. After seeing Brother Ali's tweet that he was rushing from his second sold-out gig at First Avenue over to the Butterball charity event to play "Forest Whitaker" with the Hold Steady, I've been dying to get my hands on a clip of the action. And now, a tidbit -- mixed in amongst footage of well-dressed people mingling and nibbling on hors d'ouvres is some piecemeal footage of the Hold Steady's set, complete with a surprise appearance by Brother Ali.

Skip to 3:15 for an adorable clip of Franz Nicolai bouncing up and down, and all the way to 4:05 for the duet. Watching Craig Finn play hype man on my favorite Brother Ali song is making me all giggly -- if only it this cruel videographer would have posted the whole song.