The Great Rock and Roll Swap Meet, September 17 at the Hexagon


September 17th at the Hexagon Bar, prepare to be sold shit. A lot of it. The Great Rock And Roll Swap Meet is sort of upon us, and you are not ready. Unless you totally are ready to buy goods and crafts from some local notables like Laura Bennett, Christy Hunt and maybe (maybe) a certain oily-headed four-eyed gadfly? In which case nevermind, you are fully prepared.

Howard from Red Pens, who has organized the event, put it this way:

This a rummage sale that rocks (think fashion, cool lamps, art work, music gear, records).  Laura Bennett will be selling her art, clothing and footwear. Howard Hamilton will be selling shit from his house. Christy Hunt will be selling shit from her house. Jacques Waits is expected to be selling music gear. The ladies from Jealousy LLC will be selling jewelry and many more people are expected to be a part of this as the date gets closer.

Of course that's not all - several local oaks will be in tow to shred including Pink Mink, Red Pens, and Jason Stollsteimer of the Von Bondies' Detroit side project, the Hounds Below.

The meet is still looking for vendors, shit-havers, artists, and tablers to get involved. If you're interested you can email [email protected] to get more information.

The Great Rock and Roll Swap Meet
September 17th at the Hexagon Bar


Pink Mink
Red Pens
The Hounds Below (Detroit based group-Jason Stollsteimer of the Von
Bondies new project)
Baby Boys (Members of His Mischief and Har Mar Superstar)
Still Pacific (Brad & Tracy Weller, Stuart Lysne & Dave Paul)

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