The Goondas release 'Chud' at the 7th St. Entry

2011 has been a busy year for blues rock favorites the Goondas. Performing in Austin for SXSW, sharing the SoundTown stage for its inaugural year, and now releasing their EP, Chud, on 7" special edition vinyl.

Yet, the Goondas' albums usually just scratch the surface of their talent; their chemistry and  onstage personas are what draw people to the music.  Maybe persona is not the right word since the four never seem to hide who they are: a band out to have a good time -- applying humor to every situation.

Gimme Noise talks to the band prior to their vinyl release this Friday night.

Band Members:

Jackson Atkins (guitar)
Brenden Green (vocals)
Andy Meuwissen (bass)
Josh Miller (drums)

Gimme Noise: Why did the band decide on releasing only four songs, and why on vinyl?

We've always wanted vinyl. We all really like listening to vinyl and wanted our our music to be put on wax. When we finished the  other album, we had a couple, I don't could call them "nuggets" in the works. Over the course of a couple months, we had four songs and we really liked them a lot and wanted to hear what they sounded like on vinyl.

JM: We always wanted songs on vinyl and we only had four ready when we could afford vinyl.

JA: Because we had four songs, and we don't have any other songs, and we haven't released a vinyl yet.

Any plans for a full length soon?

JM: Yeah, we're gonna start working on it now. I guess we're always working on new songs; it's just a question of how long it's gonna take to get enough to make an album.

JA: Maybe. We are taking a break from playing out for awhile. We might write some more material; we'll see how it goes.

Any plans for a tour following the EP release show?

AM: We have no plans for any tour after the release because we don't want to go anywhere.

JM: I think we're just gonna sit back and bask in self satisfaction for a little while.

The Goondas release 'Chud' at the 7th St. Entry

How have these songs evolved since the last release?

BG: We just wrote 'em - they're extras.

AM: These songs have more of a punk rock feel but at the core, it's still blues-rock. The roots are there but it has a faster pace to it. The album comes out as something fresh - you can still tell it's The Goondas, but it's a little speedier with the exception of a track.

What was the concept behind the new music video "Pet It?"  Hot dogs?

AM: It's about a young man named Stevie who really likes to share his hot dogs with people. We all thought hot dogs and condiments being rained upon us would be funny for the video - it wound up turning out pretty great.  This whole world is a big mash of shit - just like a hotdog. It may not taste the best but it fills you up.

JM: We basically just shot the video and stayed true to the lyrics of the song.

BG: Stevie like hots dogs and gives them to people. And he has issues in his brain when he doesn't take his medication.

What can we expect at the 7th Street Entry show on the 23rd?

BG: You can expect us to be there.

AM: You'll just have to come out and see for yourself. These shows are as unpredictable as Bill Clinton's next wank.

JA: Everyone's gonna get laid.

Finish this sentence: "Never have I ever..."

BG: ...been on time.

AM: ...fondled an animal.

JM: ...tasted human feces.

JA: Is this seriously part of the interview?

The Goondas will release Chud at the 7th Street Entry with Pink Mink, Bloodnstuff, and The Bad Spots on 9/23/2011. 18+, $5, 8 pm.

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