The Go-Go's at the Minnesota Zoo, 6/14/11


The Go-Go's

June 14, 2011
Minnesota Zoo Weesner Amphitheater, Apple Valley

The Minnesota Zoo's annual "Music in the Zoo" series got off to what could have been a downright miserable night last night, as the persistent rain, lightning and thunder rumbled ominously over the outdoor amphitheater and delayed the show by over an hour. But fans persisted, a near-capacity venue's worth of hardy Minnesotans decked out in ponchos like a legion of caped concert crusaders, and eventually a cluster of hand-wringing stagehands wielding squeegees and sopping wet towels deemed the stage safe enough to allow for the Go-Go's to finally come out and play.

Carlisle, on the other hand, was the picture of perfection, her shiny hair combed neatly around her face and her demeanor sweet and innocent. Aside from a few hilariously awkward, exaggerated dance moves, Carlisle let her singing remain the focus of her performance, and her voice shot out like a beam of bright light and warmed the drizzly night air.