The Gateway District talk about their new album

The Gateway District has quietly played around town for the past five years, releasing a self-titled 7" and the full length Some Days You Get the Thunder. Although the members are often scattered across the country due to other obligations, they found the time to get together for Perfect's Gonna Fail, which will be released in March on It's Alive Records. The band is made up of familiar faces: Carrie Bleser was in the Salteens, Maren Macosko was in Soviettes, Nate Gangelhoff is currently in Banner Pilot, and Brad Lokkesmoe splits time with Dear Landlord.

That's an impressive resume, and a window into the pop punk-fueled sound that the band delivers.

Gimme Noise talked with Nate about the new record, as well as his upcoming book.

Gimme Noise: You're all very busy people with other bands and priorities. How did you decide to start another one?

Nate Gangelhoff: Well, like pretty much every band I've been in, it just seemed like a fun thing to do. When we did the original 7", it was--if I remember correctly--shortly after both The Soviettes and Rivethead stopped doing stuff, so writing/recording/playing a handful of new songs for a new band seemed like a great idea, and it ended up being a blast.

Between tours and members moving around the country, you often aren't all in the same city. How does that affect the band?

I don't think there has ever been a point in the band's existence where all four of us lived in MPLS for more than, like, a month at a time. But we've found a way to make it work, which is neat. It's actually a really fun system, for lack of a better word--roughly every year the other three people in the band write about four songs each. Then we get together and hash them out and make changes. I write guitar leads and, boom, we have a new album. You'd think that would be difficult and annoying when you have someone living in California or Wisconsin, or always on tour or whatever, but it totally works. Huh, I sound like I'm pitching something in the middle of a seminar right now.

Both Maren and Carrie sing the lead at times. Will you be taking the mic on the new record?

Haha, absolutely not. That would destroy the record. "Hey, I got an idea.... how about we have that guy who is missing nine of his fingers play a really prominent guitar solo on our record?" It would be sort of like that.

Can you talk about the name a bit? My understanding is it's a name for an old part of town that's basically gone now. Do you have an interest in local history?

Correct, it was a part of Minneapolis (around Hennepin and Washington, basically) that was sort of like the heart of the city for awhile and, based on stories and photography from the era, was pretty fascinating: really great architecture, and a lot of character. And then.... they destroyed most of it in the '50s. The sad thing is the city seems to never learn when it comes to the value of these timeless landmarks--they got rid of GameWorks not so long ago. (Yes, we thought about changing the band name to GameWorks District.)

I like local history, but I'm not an expert (or "buff," I guess the term is) or anything.

The Gateway District talk about their new album

You're involved in a lot of projects. Do you multi-task, or do you bear down on each one for a period of time?

I multi-task, but when something is getting close to completion it gets the most focus. For most of this winter I went back and forth between writing Banner Pilot song ideas and finishing up my next book. Now I think the next few months will mostly be focused on getting the Banner Pilot songs done and ready for recording.

You've previously released You Idiot and you're working on the finishing touches to another book. Any idea when/how the book will be released?

Well, I'm shooting to have it with me when we go down to SXSW, so.... crap, pretty soon here. This time around there will be Kindle and other e-Book versions in addition to the print copy, so that'll be nice. It's called Hit the Ground Stumbling and, even though it's quite a bit different, I think people who liked the last book will dig this one, too.

The Gateway District will play a release show for Perfect's Gonna Fail on March 26 at the Turf Club with Off With Their Heads and the Arrivals.

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