The game was better than the commercials

class=img_thumbleft>...which isn't saying much this year. A few flashes of excitement and trickery, between dubious calls by the officials, and the decrepit Rolling Stones going through the motions during their half-time show meant the commercials really had to come through this year. Sadly, most were misfires and retreads (enough with the Clydesdales, Bud!). Check out a few Super Bowl commercial highlights after the jump and let us know what you thought...

Burger King does Busby Berkeley with that dash of David Lynch its been using in its humorous, albeit creepy, plastic-faced King campaign. A kitschy production number featuring showgirls dressed as condiments ends with a dog-pile to create a Whopper, with model Brooke Burke, as the top bun, finishing the job.

The "Best Week Ever" and MAD TV vets that make up the latest series of Sierra Mist commercials are joined by the ever-annoying Kathy Griffin, who brings the funny as an airport security worker who goes all Michael Winslow on Michael Ian Black's Sierra Mist.

A football commercial staple: The really dumb guys who really love beer ad. In "The Magic Fridge," a guy fills his refrigerator with Bud Light (ew) for the impending game, then tugs on a light fixture, employing a revolving wall to hide said refrigerated beer from his thirsty guests. The equally dumb guys in the apartment next door are the unwitting recipients of said beverages. Dumb, snarky, fun... a successful beer ad happily viewed by half-drunk guys watching a football game. Meta-larious!

A tongue-in-cheek commercial for the ABC hit Lost features the late Robert Palmer's 1980s staple "Addicted to Love" tweaked to sound like "Addicted to Lost." Probably good humor for fans of the show, a little creepy for those who aren't fans of watching dead celebrities selling stuff.

The Clydesdales line up for their annual football game on the prairie when a streaker, a shorn sheep, decides to venture onto the field for a little show-boating to the cheers of the assembled four-legged crowd. A couple of cowboys provide the punchline. Very silly and more effective than the other Bud ad which featured a young Clydesdale attempting to pull ye olde beer wagon all by himself in some sort of Currier & Ives meets alchohol distribution dynamic.

Michelob Ultra Amber's commercial features a friendly game of touch football that goes a "little darker." A spindly female player gets up-ended by an over-zealous opponent, but gets the last laugh with a "late hit."