The future shock of Dan Deacon


Dan Deacon / Triple Rock Social Club / July 2, 2007 Text by Nate Patrin | Photos by Daniel Corrigan

There is a scene, based largely in Baltimore, that calls itself "future shock." It has little to do with Herbie Hancock and even less to do with Curtis Mayfield and everything to do with giving punk rock an Atari lobotomy. Monday night's bill at the Triple Rock featured two of the main pillars of the scene—the Saturday morning Lucky Charms-and-Mountain Dew multimedia duo Video Hippos, and human tornado electronics-manipulator/showman de-luxe Dan Deacon. (What afrobeatists NOMO were doin' sandwiched between them, Lord only knows, but they were a bit of a much-needed palate cleanser and they covered Sun Ra, so there's no complaints here.)

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