The Five Best Rap Lyrics About Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett doing what KG does best.

Kevin Garnett doing what KG does best.

Minnesota, we've had the great Kevin Garnett back for a week now, and it feels good. Reinvigorating fans and the team alike, it's been a celebratory time to be a Timberwolves fan with the future looking bright.

Even beyond basketball, the return of Garnett signals a time to once again enjoy our favorite KG rap references without the barrier of a forlorn longing. Yes, for almost 20 years he's been a favorite to namedrop from MCs who reside all over the country. In celebration of KG's return, we've assembled our five favorite Big Ticket references in hip-hop history.

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Styles P - "Kevin Garnett AND1 Commercial" "And you couldn't find a finer kid Than the 7 foot South Carolina kid Obsessed with ball, and the rim need a hard net Better act like you know, c'mon dog, that's Kevin Garnett"

To start things off, we have LOX member Styles P's AND1 Kevin Garnett commercial. While this entire thing in itself is one big Kevin Garnett reference (getting biographical enough to mention he was the first kid drafted out of high school since Moses Malone), it's a great refresher course on exactly what a standout player KG is.

Gucci Mane featuring OJ da Juiceman - "Stealing" "I'm buying choppers for my army Shootouts at the border Kevin Garnett earrings look like Fiji water"

The Zaythoven-produced "Stealing" gives us a Kevin Garnett reference as only Gucci can. "Kevin Garnett" earrings, referencing Garnett's trademark ear jewelry, is a boast taken to the next level by comparing the earrings themselves to the huge clear bottles of Fiji water.

Lloyd Banks - "Survival" "I ain't even got a license yet and got 7 cars, yep TV the same size as Kevin Garnett"

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks's Rotten Apple album came out during Garnett's last season with the Wolves, and as criticized as the album was, "Survival" was a standout track that contains the same creatively absurdist boasts that made him a star. One of them is Banks's "TV the same size as Kevin Garnett," the hottest simile to come out of G-Unit since 50 toted "guns the size of Lil Bow Wow."

B-Legit featuring Lil Bruce - "Rapstar" "Do I ballplay? Yeah I play for the Jets Hillside, with money like Kevin Garnett"

While this year 2000 boast from frequent E-40 collaborator and the Click member B-Legit is mostly a reference to how much Garnett was making at the time, there's something interestingly prophetic about how B-Legit makes the Garnett reference right after boasting he plays for the Jets, a team based in New York, where Garnett would play basketball for the Brooklyn Nets 13 years later. Coincidence? We think so.

Carter Deems - "Round 1 vs. Vesh" "He felt most hood when watching the Winslow's Home That is until he found out about rap through Kevin Garnett's intro song"

While we're sure plenty of you were ready for us to include the Kevin Garnett reference from the Lonely Island and T-Pain song "I'm On a Boat," we'd rather talk about T-Pain's favorite battle rapper, Carter Deems. When battling Minnesota rapper Vesh in 2010 as part of Grind Time's Atlanta Division, Deems used Garnett's universal appeal as a pretty smart punchline, suggesting Vesh was late to discovering hip-hop, a knock on his credibility.

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