The Five Best Brock Lesnar References in Rap

Paul Heyman's Client, Brock Lesnar

Paul Heyman's Client, Brock Lesnar

Last night, ESPN Sportscenter welcomed an unannounced guest in Brock Lesnar. He announced that he was shutting the door on his MMA career in favor of re-signing with sports-entertainment top dogs WWE just in time for this weekend's Wrestlemania. Lesnar's multi-year contract comes after weighing all of his possible options and ultimately deciding it was in his best interest to be the entertainer he was born to be while, in his words, receiving full-time pay for part-time work.

In honor of this big news for our local boy beast done good, we've assembled our five favorite Brock Lesnar references in hip-hop history.

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Akrobatik - "Always Bet on Ak"
"Who ever thought this young brother from Dorchester
Would come to be 'The Next Big Thing' like Brock Lesnar?
I've been compared to a F5 tornado
Don't get it twisted though, on the mic I'm twice as fatal"

The earliest Brock Lesnar reference came from Boston underground favorite Akrobatik. Way back in 2003, Akrobatik (who years later recorded a track with John Cena) compared his rise to Lesnar's, who was in the midst of his rookie year, and followed that up with mentioning his comparisons to an F5 tornado, a nod to Lesnar's finisher "The F5."

Chino XL featuring Rakaa Iriscience & Roc Marciano - "Take It Back"
"I will brolic Brock Lesnar your career
Chino got more Seoul than the capital of Korea"

If any MC could be mistaken for Brock Lesnar in the right lighting, it would be Chino XL. Both imposing physical specimens, both also happen to be utterly ruthless and specialize in sheer brutality with their craft. That's why it's fitting Chino threatens to "Brolic Brock Lesnar Your Career." He's just that brutal.

Flatbush Zombies - "Palm Trees"
"You sneak dissing, taking jabs, get your boxing on
Cause you ain't get the word, I'm Glock Lesnar in the octagon"

Probably the most laid-back sounding track to conjure Lesnar's name, Flatbush Zombies' "Palm Trees" is almost militantly chill. MC Meechy Darko makes it all the more unsettling that his growl in just an otherwise relaxing production includes snarling a Lesnar play on words that works in a firearm for added threatening effect. A total Lesnar move, if there ever was one.

K-Rino - "Doctor Jack"
"See, when I drop the bomb you should not respond
That's a mismatch like Brock Lesnar in the octagon with a soccer mom"

Our favorite Brock Lesnar reference just might be the one that came from Houston rapper K-Rino. One of the best at syllable-stacking with an infectious flow to match, K-Rino here rides the synths with a pretty funny and unquestionably badass analogy for what's comparable to attempting a comeback against one of his disses.

Kollegah and Farid Bang - "Halleluja"
"Ja das sieht dem bossrapper ähnlich wie Brock Lesnar"
If there's one theory of the past 100 years that was proven to be unquestionably true, it's that Germans love David Hasselhoff. If there's two, and it's a theory we might be breaking the story on, it's that Germans love Brock Lesnar. Or at least their rappers do. Quick scans of a few rap databases find Lesnar's been mentioned as many times in German-language raps as he has in English ones, including this line from Kollegah and Farid Bang's "Halleluja." According to the never ever wrong Google Translator, the lyric translates to "Yes it looks like the Boss Rapper Brock Lesnar." Works for us.

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