The Farewell Circuit debut a new video each week in December

The Farewell Circuit debut a new video each week in December
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Late last fall, Minneapolis band The Farewell Circuit put out an album of quietly elegant songs. While performing for Rock the Cradle at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts with Gabe Douglas, lead singer Danny O'Brien met videographer Brian Suerth, who was there filming the dancing sensation Rupert. Danny gave Brian a copy of his CD, and received an email from Suerth a couple of days later saying that he was obsessed with the album and wanted to make a few videos with some select songs.

Gimme Noise spoke with Danny about what went into making the videos, which involved thunderstorms and shutting down Nicollet Avenue for a piano being pulled on the back of a trailer.

Armed with a production crew, Brian Suerth and director of photography Ryan Taylor put the band to work making four music videos in two days this past June. Instead of filming and dubbing it over with the original recordings, the band decided they want to capture the live recordings. O'Brien says, "We didn't want to do outright music videos; that wasn't really the goal. We wanted to capture the alternate stripped-down versions of songs. My favorite music videos to watch are of bands when they are playing live. I don't know how to say this without sounding offensive, but anybody can pay someone to make a cool music video, but not everybody can play a song. How we did it was something we felt comfortable putting out."

The band has chosen to premiere each video each Tuesday throughout December starting with "Make It Right" last week and "Oh My God" this week. His personal favorite song, "Make It Right" was Danny's favorite to make, done in just two takes.

"Make It Right (LIVE)" from The Farewell Circuit on Vimeo.

Although the most beautiful to watch, "Oh My God" was the most difficult to film. Suerth came up with the idea to shut down Nicollet Avenue and film down Nicollet Mall in Downtown Minneapolis while pulling Danny on a trailer playing the piano. Danny says, "Playing piano on the back of a trailer, you think, 'Not a big deal,' but when the physics come into it, inertia can be a pain in the butt. I was being pulled on a trailer by a big production van, and whenever they slowed down, it's like this chain reaction. They slow down, and I lunge forward."

Since they videos were unedited, every little nuance is captured from the street sound to the bumps in the road. "The first two takes of that song were garbage, because it was me getting used to playing the piano and singing while on the trailer. I enjoyed the challenge and I got a little frustrated, but we had fun." The production for this video was even delayed for three hours, but they were able to record it in a thirty minute break in the weather.

OH MY GOD - The Farewell Circuit from The Farewell Circuit on Vimeo.

It was a big feat to close down a street in Downtown Minneapolis, but Brian, Ryan, and their crew were up to the task. Without financial gain being a priority, the production crew made these videos for the band using their passion to make something creative as their fuel. Danny questioned Brian, "I said to him, 'You're gonna do all of this for free? You know it's gonna cost money?' and he said, 'We're good. We got it.' We were very fortunate to meet people who were so passionate about our music."

The singer is humbled by the reception of the album, saying, "A lot of people say it's therapeutic for them. There's some rock songs, but for the most part, it's pretty chill -- almost meditative. It's cool to see that we set out with this purpose of having it be 'we're all one, all of us are a part of humanity' mantra of the album, and that comes out when people listen to it. It's pretty rewarding to experience that."

The Farewell Circuit will premiere their last two videos on their website on 12/18 and 12/25.

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