The evolution of Prince hairstyles: 1978-2013

A portion of Prince's early-period hairstyles.

A portion of Prince's early-period hairstyles.

When Prince emerged with an afro in the fall of 2012, he completed a hair cycle reaching back to the beginning of his solo career. In between the late '70s and today, the Purple One has experimented with a variety of styles. His locks have alternated between signs "o" the times and chaos and disorder, and London artist Gary Card has documented the entire evolution.

The "Prince Hair Chart -- A chronological record of Prince's hair styles from 1978 to 2013" is Card's depiction of 36 looks and the corresponding album cycle of that year. After the cartoon-style series appeared in Beat magazine, Card recently posted it on Instagram, and his drawings are a magical evolution on display. 

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Aside from the afro symmetry, there are several other stylistic periods of great note -- many that involve facial hair statements that are just as strong as the sculpting up top.

Among our favorites detailed below:

1979: Not far from Farrah Fawcett's feathered look. Even with that understated 'stache, Prince was proving he was no angel.

1984: Classic Purple Rain curls that could survive even the wind off Lake Minnetonka some lake.

1990: Friends didn't debut on NBC until '94. Just sayin'.

1995: His great early-'90s beard eventually suffered irreparably so he could fit "Slave" on his cheek.

2000: After partying like it was 1999 for real, he briefly resembled Ani DiFranco.

2004: Inspired by Prince. And to a lesser extent, Chuck Berry.

2013: Best since the late '80s. 

And here's a larger version via Gary Card's Twitter.

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