The Electric Fetus unveils digital download site


Good news for those of us who are getting more and more of our music online: local independently-owned record store the Electric Fetus has announced a new digital download site, with an emphasis on offering local music in an affordable, digital format. A partnership with digital distributors ThinkIndie, the Fetus's site looks very promising already: mp3s are available at 320 kb, and at $1.11 a piece the price is comparable to large corporate distributors like iTunes and Amazon. Most albums can also be purchased at a bundled price of $9.99.

Scanning the site, there are a few highlights that pop out right away: the Lifter Puller album Fiestas + Fiascos, which has long been out of print on CD; the old Babes in Toyland album Minneapolism; and new local albums by bands like Dosh. And all of the music purchased on the site goes to support the local record shop.

"We're not just a site," said Chris Hall, the Electric Fetus' webmaster. "We have 40 years of record-store experience here. That's what's been missing from the digital stores."

The catalog is sure to expand to include more local artists as the Fetus gets their online store up and running; the site says it is still in the prelaunch stage. Check back in the coming weeks to watch as the digital download site progresses, and in the meantime help us in welcoming the Fetus into the realm of digital music.