The Drone Not Drones: Another 28-Hour Drone 2015 Schedule

This weekend marks the return of Drone Not Drones, one of the Twin Cities premiere marathon concerts at 28 hours straight. Dozens of local musicians will band together at the Cedar to support Doctors Without Borders and to protest the use of drone warfare.

The acts involved in creating a continuous wall of noise include Alan Sparhawk of Low, P.O.S., Drone Man Winter (featuring Trampled by Turtles and Dead Man Winter members), Brokeback (featuring members of Tortoise and the Sea and Cake), Dosh, MAKR, BNLX, and quite a few more. Organizers have posted a tentative schedule for the weekend's come-and-leave-as-you-please festivities.


Drone Not Drones: Another 28-Hour Drone Schedule (Subject to Change)
07:00p: International Novelty Gamelan
07:30p: Jesse Petersen
08:00p: Food Pyramid
08:45p: BNLX
09:15p: Flavor Crystals + BNLX
09:30p: Flavor Crystals
10:00p: Drone Man Winter
10:45p: Alan Sparhawk
11:30p: Michael Lewis
12:15p: Pagoda ov Thunderboldt
01:00a: Jet Legs
01:30a: Chatham Rise
02:00a: Old Moon
02:30a: Dead Gurus
03:00a: Dosh
03:30a: Comb Boats
04:00a: Transitional Species
04:45a: Andy Nuebauer
05:30a: Ghostband
06:00a: Three Snake Leaves
06:30a: Pandemonium Defender
07:00a: Nightingale #3
07:30a: Paul Metzger (sunrise)
08:00a: John Zuma Saint-Plyvin
08:30a: HOLDING HANDS / MQ-1
09:00a: Jeremy Ylvisaker
09:30a: TYTE JEFF
10:00a: Finger Pressure
10:30a: Sativa Flats
11:00a: Ventures Cover Band
11:30a: DKO
12:00n: DT Phone Drone
12:30p: Drone Strike Mike & the Bates Bombers
01:00p: Sagitta Gone
01:30p: Les Trembleurs
02:00p: The Hand
02:30p: (ALANS)
03:00p: Roy Orb, D.MT.
03:30p: 555
04:00p: Solar Pawn
04:30p: Tim Kaiser
05:00p: P.O.S
05:30p: Robot Rickshaw (drone robots)
06:00p: Noise Quean Ant
06:30p: StoLyette
07:00p: Invisible Boy
07:30p: Paris 1919
08:15p: Makr
08:45p: American Cream
09:30p: Brokeback
10:15p: Moss Folk

Drone Not Drones: Another 28-Hour Drone. All Ages, $20/$30, 6 p.m. Friday, January 30 to 11 p.m. Saturday, January 31 at Cedar Cultural Center. Tickets.


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