The Dinkytowner: A brief update


As we delve deeper into the rumors surrounding the closing of the Dinkytowner, we have talked to many of the people who are privvy to the inner workings of the club, including recently-departed booking manager Dan Kane and co-owner Kyle McCarty. Out of respect for the delicate nature of the situation, we will not be discussing the fate of the Dinkytowner until we have had a chance to sit down with both McCarty and his partner Brian Elias and give them a chance to tell the entire story; we have a meeting scheduled with the co-owners tomorrow afternoon.

Until that time, here are a couple of quick Dinkytowner-related updates:

  • Booker Dan Kane and his company 10K Breaks are no longer involved with the Dinkytowner in any way. "We look forward to working with the music community in the Twin Cities in the future and will continue to promote concerts and book tours," Kane says. "At this time, the future is open for 10K Breaks Entertainment and we are considering other venues for some of our staple monthly events. Thanks to everyone that made the Dinkytowner what is was the last few years. It was truly a blast."The last 10K Breaks-sponsored show at the Dinkytowner will take place tonight, here is the flyer for that show:
  • Monthly DJ summit Last of the Record Buyers will be relocating to Fifth Element, starting Thursday, May 21. Here's a new flyer promoting the upcoming LORTB shows:
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