The Decemberists: Maybe not so lame after all?

The Decemberists: Maybe not so lame after all?

Ever since the Current announced their lineup for this year's Rock the Garden (which is sold out -- don't bother getting too excited if you don't already have tickets), we've been lamenting the fact that a festival proclaiming to "rock" invited such an un-rocking band like the Decemberists to headline. Sure, some of the ballads on this year's The Hazards of Love are downright pretty, plush with instrumental backings and well thought-out lyrics. But seriously. Are the Decemberists seriously expected to rock any garden, especially the Sculpture Garden at the Walker on a hot day in the summer?

From the sounds of this remarkable video, captured by



blogged by Riverfront Times music editor Annie Zaleski

, well... yes. Apparently the Decemberists do rock after all, sometimes. Here's hoping they put their hyper-literate indie rock aside for at least one song when they perform at the Walker, because this band knows how to pull out all the stops on a Heart cover.

Check this out:

See also: Annie Zaleski's review of the Decemberists this past weekend in St. Louis, complete with set list and snarky commentary.

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