The Current's Barb Abney shares her Solid Gold stories


If you're a fan of the Current, you already know that the Twin Cities-based radio station is a huge fan of Solid Gold -- tune in for a few hours and you'll likely hear at least one Solid Gold tune, if not more. With today's cover story coming up, I reached out to one DJ in particular, vocal Solid Gold fan Barb Abney, to ask if she would share some of her favorite memories of the band. She was happy to comply.

I get kinda cheesed off when I read blogs and articles that speak of Solid Gold's "overnight success." These guys have been playing together for years and are FINALLY getting the attention that they so deserve. Here are my Solid Gold highlights from the past year: We received a few advance copies of Bodies of Water last year and I was really enjoying "Get Over It." So, I grabbed one of the CDs and put it in my car stereo and didn't take it out for weeks. When I listed the record as one of my top 10 for the year, the guys emailed me to thank me. I was impressed with their sincerity. I didn't actually meet them face to face until the Tapes 'n Tapes show at the beginning of this year. It has been an absolute hug-fest since.  At the SxSW send-off show, a gal approached me and said "you're Barb Abney, aren't you? Can I take your picture, 'cause I know you come to every one of Solid Gold's shows!" Zach brought his kids in when they did a Local Show taping.  Zach's daughter leaned over to me and said "Did you know my dad wrote "Neon Rose" about me?"  Adorable! At Rock The Garden, Shon introduced me to his parents and his dad said to me "So, you're the reason these guys are playing this show." I said, it wasn't me, but the station.. but at that moment I still got a bit misty! A few weeks back during my show, I played one of their tunes and said something like "I don't know when their next show is..." fast-forward two minutes, Zach is calling me because he was listening and wanted me to know the date... thing is, he had just ran out of gas and was hoofing it back to a gas station at the same time.  There have actually been more than a handful of occasions where Matt or Zach or Shon will call or email in requests/comments about what I'm playing at any given moment. It just makes them that much more genuine, you know? They're fans of the station and we're fans of theirs. It's a mutual synergy. Barb AbneyHost, 89.3 The CurrentMinnesota Public Radio