The Current launches 24-hour local music stream

The Current has long been a supporter of Minnesota music -- their playlist regularly features a handful of the most prominent artists coming out of our fair state, while Dave Campbell's two-hour Local Show delves deep into the goings-on of our local scene each Sunday night.

Starting today, the station will also host an online streaming radio station that plays nothing but Minnesota artists, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Local Current is now live.

The station did a soft launch of the stream earlier this week, so we've already had some time to feel out the new programming. The stream offers a nice mix of the more radio-friendly artists that get a lot of airplay on the radio station and more obscure local acts; an hour of listening can guide you through everything from Dessa to Food Pyramid to Spider John Koerner to the Monks.

In addition to the Local Current stream, their new site also offers a directory of in-studios and interviews from the Local Show, as well as a new all-local music blog, which hosts album reviews, videos, photos from Current events, news tidbits, and audio -- today, Haley Bonar's new album, Golder, is streaming on the blog in its entirety.

Long story short, things are looking promising over on the new portion of their site. Given that the Current has developed a large audience of listeners who tune in online-only from outside the state, it seems like a cool way to ship a care package of the art being created here to other markets -- something that program director Jim McGuin is excited about as well.

"The Local Current music stream is another way we can share the music and culture of Minnesota with the world," he says.

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