The Current hosts its first Public Music Meeting tonight

Chastity Brown performing with a familiar logo behind her.
Chastity Brown performing with a familiar logo behind her.

There's no question that since it's arrival on the local airwaves eight years ago, the Current has changed the musical landscape here in the Twin Cities. With their adventurous playlist, top notch in-studio performances, and sharp focus on Minnesota music, there would be few who would argue that the area's music scene isn't better off with their involvement and influence.

But rather than dig in their heels stubbornly now that they have established a solid foothold in the Twin Cities, the Current has continued to work hard at keeping the lines of dialogue open between the station and their listeners/members. And that sense of community and level of discourse is about to get even more enhanced by the Current's first ever Public Music Meeting tonight at Amsterdam Bar and Hall, where the staff from the radio station will be on hand encouraging its listeners to provide opinions and ideas about what new music should be added to their playlist.

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While the Current has quickly ascended to becoming one of the area's top tastemakers, that privilege and responsibility has certainly brought with it many forms of backlash (both fair and unfair). But this type of exercise of open dialogue with the music community certainly provides both the proponents of the station as well as their detractors an equal voice on what direction the station should take in the future.

If you think the Lumineers or Mumford and Sons should be replaced with the new Wavves single, or that Surfer Blood's new song should get more (or less) love than it does, or what songs from the new My Bloody Valentine album you need to hear on air, you now have a chance to tell the station directly about your distinct musical tastes and what songs cause you to turn up or turn off the Current. Listener feedback from this event will be collected at the meeting and used to select the next new songs added to the station's playlist.

The Current's Public Music Meeting is being held tonight (Tuesday, February 5) at Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul, from 6-8 p.m. The event is free, but you have to register here in order to guarantee admittance. So sign up, let your voice be heard, and have a role in what music will be championed on the Current's airwaves in the future.

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