The Current hosts 'Critics' Picks' show recapping year in local music


With year-end retrospectives gushing out of every local publication in town, the Current's Local Show decided to invite a crew of local music writers to gather with host Dave Campbell and discuss the best records and trends to sweep the Twin Cities this year. I had the pleasure of joining Chris Riemenschneider of the Star Tribune, Ross Raihala of the Pioneer Press, Carl Atiya Swanson of Cake in 15, and Jeff Marshall of Switchblade Comb for the taping, and we had quite a few intriguing chats about local music over course of the two-hour show.

[jump] If you missed the "Critics' Picks" episode when it aired on Sunday night, you can now stream it via the Current's site:

I'm kicking myself for forgetting to take a photo. Modeled after the old year-end Critics' Picks show on Drive 105's Homegrown (where Campbell previously held down a gig as a radio host), it was always a great annual gathering of folks who usually only connect with one another via tweets and the occasional snarky jab in a comment section.

Just for fun, here's a shot of the crew from an old "Critics' Picks" taping back in January of 2007 at the Drive 105 studios: