The Craig Finn Master Class

In 2005 a New Yorker piece about Craig Finn of The Hold Steady (and the sorely missed Lifter Puller) singled him out for writing songs "as though the point of making music is to communicate." It's a skill for which he has absorbed no shortage of recognition.

He traded verses with Bruce Springsteen at Carnegie Hall over the summer. And in recent weeks The Hold Steady has opened for the Rolling Stones, Iggy and The Stooges, Sonic Youth and the New York Dolls. This week Finn was the subject of a "Master Class" at his alma matter Boston College. Think the Twin Cities can't claim this guy anymore? Think again. Keep an eye out over at Kent Hrbeck Outdoors. Finn'll be showing up there soon. There has been some fishing and some taping with Herbie--because Springsteen isn't the only Boss.