The coolest New Year's Eve concert in Minneapolis happened 36 years ago

Pretty cool.

Pretty cool. Minnesota Historical Society

At least two City Pages editors have determined this Minneapolis rock 'n' roll poster from 1981 is "cool." Take a look: 

So cool. Here are 5 cool things about it: 

1. Twin Cities punk legends the Replacements and Hüsker Dü, together. 

2. The question mark after "5 bands." The actual number may be lost to the sands of time. 

3. The nostalgia for Goofy's Upper Deck, the downtown punk club that once existed where the Target Center parking ramp currently does. 

4. The scare-quotes around "Budweiser sponsored," "Good times," and "Must have I.D." -- what the hell's going on here? 

5. The command of "Dance until you can't dance no more!" Here's hoping my dad complied (he almost certainly did not). 

Alright, that was cool. Thanks to our pals at the Minnesota Historical Society for unearthing this very-cool rock relic. 

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Now take us into 2018, '81-era Replacements.