The Coathangers tonight at Big V's


Baby Guts!

There was a time when Monday was the runty, piteous stepchild of the work week. Hated, scorned, misunderstood, lonely. A day for hangovers and bleary gazes into your computer's luminous screen.

But fuck that. The last few years have seen a tsunami of Monday play dates. Jazz in the Clown Lounge, DJs at the Hexagon, so on and so forth. And tonight at Big V's is no exception-- with Coathangers, Baby Guts and the Vignettes, this bill is the perfect excuse to get the hell out of your house on a sweltering Monday afternoon.

Baby Guts at the 7th Street Entry.

We love Baby Guts. And so do you. We know it. We've seen you at their shows. We've seen you in your Baby Guts t-shirt. But while everyone has spent the last few years ranting about Laura Larson's bratty, paint peeling scream, a few things have gone over looked. Mainly, that bassist Taylor Motari's scream is every bit as hair raising (for proof, check out his side project, the chatty Atomic Annie, which boasts the city's best between-song rejoinders).

The Vignettes are an ink-starved band that doesn't get the attention they deserve. Garagey and hand crafted, the three piece manages to be snotty and endearing in the same note. Loud and strident and full of vinegar, they manage a softer side too. When played by the Vignettes, hard sounds never felt so good.

21+. 8:00 P.M. $5.00. Big V's, 1567 University Avenue, St. Paul.