The Cloak Ox release three tracks, plan debut EP


Cool news from the Totally Gross National Product camp today: The Minneapolis label is getting ready to release the debut EP from Andrew Broder's newest project the Cloak Ox, and the band has already posted three of the EP's six tracks on the web as a preview.

[jump] The new record, Prisen, is due out September 27. As with their live shows, Broder's songs are fleshed out by collaborations with longtime friends and co-conspirators Jeremy Ylvisaker, Martin Dosh, and Mark Erickson, and though they've only been gigging since the beginning of the year they have already fallen into a comfortable rhythm with one another that translates into a tight, punchy rock 'n' roll vibe on record.

Check out the first three tracks here:

The band also released a teaser video for the EP, which features Broder at a piano singing the slow and somber song "Waste Your Time." The track isn't from the new record, but it does serve as a poignant and stark contrast to the video's footage of the band nodding their heads, pummeling their guitars, and rocking out in the studio.

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