The Cloak Ox raising money for record at Nick and Eddie this Friday

The Cloak Ox raising money for record at Nick and Eddie this Friday

The local band the Cloak Ox had a ripping 2011. After all, they won last year's City Pages "Picked To Click" by a landslide as one of the most promising band's from our fair State. As any reader of Gimme Noise can attest, we've covered them extensively as they maintain their status as one of the more interesting acts and a highly potent combination of creative minds who not only slay as this outfit but individually in solo settings and with other artists that include Why?, Andrew Bird, Vicious Vicious, Alpha Consumer and most recently as lead singer/guitarist Andrew Broder has branched out making hip hop beats, sound collages with a one-off collaboration with Kill the Vultures.

Last year, the Cloak Ox released their Prisen EP on Totally Gross National Product, played just about every venue and block party in town, and made a couple really great videos that gave a dose of realization to their music in a way they hadn't done before.

Starting out 2012, the Cloak Ox have since set out to harness the whirlwind of hyper-activity in the studio this winter for a full length record the band hope to release this year. Spending the last month at Blackberry Way with Neil Weir, the group has done basic tracks and are looking for support from local music fans to further fund the project.

Doing things somewhat the "old school" way, they are performing a fundraiser for the project this coming weekend at Nick and Eddie. Much like the current Kickstarter trend of online entrepreneurism among musicians, the band hopes to get their core audience involved locally at this show before they start to unravel any sort of online campaign. In a sense, you could compare Friday's show to being like a presidential caucus of sorts. It's a chance for these candidates to garner support from voters, their fans. For the Cloak Ox, winning the election is finishing the record.

I gave Cloak Ox mastermind Andrew Broder a call to help explain the event coming up.

Gimme Noise: Hey Andrew! Is this a good time?

Andrew Broder: Yeah this is a perfect time actually. I'm sitting in the car waiting for my wife who is shopping at the moment.

Anyway, so you guys are back in the studio. What have you guys been working on?

Yeah, we're working on a full album's worth of songs. We recorded basic tracks with Neil Weir at Blackberry Way.

You guys played a lot and had so much going on last year. In what ways did the past year inform these songs?

Well, a few we just recorded haven't been played live yet. But most we have played at one point or another and we're now just developing what I've had in mind for them. When we record something, I want to do something this way that worked live. Playing shows is always the most instructive thing to do. We went out of our way to record our shows and would then have a power critique. We're definitely taking more time. Our EP came together really quickly. There were no overdubs as it was recorded live in the studio which was very much a cool challenge.

And now you are really combing stuff over then. I could see that taking much longer.

Yeah, we're going back to what we all have experienced in the studio. We've all made many records in the studio with Fog and other project and know how to really branch out with the production. The music for this is going to be much more layered and sonically interesting. I'm excited. It's turning out really cool and there's a lot of stuff to tweak and add.

The Cloak Ox raising money for record at Nick and Eddie this Friday

With Fog, you would usually make the records yourself and then put together a band to perform the music. In this case, you started with a band and are now making a record of what that became.

It's definitely different and that's how it worked out. I was sort of tentative in a way when we first started this band. But I've made the fun of playing together the emphasis for this band. It started with me and people came in with the embellishment they could add to the songs.

Why were you sort of a real taskmaster before?

[Laughing] I don't know. You'd have to ask those guys!

I did actually. I just talked to them all and that's what they all said.

Oh, well. There you go.

Just kidding, no one said that.

[Laughing] Oh good. Well I really do make an effort with everyone having a voice with their own instrument. I definitely have strong opinions about something and will give them but i am a good listener.

Tell me more about the event coming up. You guys are raising money for this record, but you aren't necessarily doing any fundraising online?

Well, we're in what I have been calling Phase one of this project, and we definitely want to put something out down the line but it all costs money of course so we want to do something to get the people who have been coming to see us to be able to help.

If you have something online, you could get folks from all over who live thousands of miles away to help fund it.

That would be awesome. But we're just starting this thing out and I don't honestly think we have a huge following outside the Twin Cities.

But you never know. I mean the best thing that could happen would be that no one would come to the show and you'd still make like $9,000 online.

[Laughing] Well yeah, but we want this to be really fun. And actually it's going to be our last show for a while as everyone is going to be busy with other things and I work on the record some more. The other bands, Red Pens and Father You See Queen, have been really generous to play and they are two of my favorites. All the money from the night is going to pay for the recording. So I been calling a Live Kickstarter sort of thing. We're not goinng to be running around and begging people for money.

People can come together and hold hands and all unite with your music.

Exactly. Plus, with each ticket at the door everyone gets a new song of ours they can download

Oh very cool. Hey, you should give out cassette single copies of that new song!

Yes, cassingles. I like it. That's a good idea..

The Cloak Ox are performing and raising funds for their full length record this Friday at Nick and Eddie with Red Pens, Father You See Queen and DJ Wezz Winship. 9pm. 18+ $7

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