The City vs. Music at the 331 Club

Thanks to no cover, good bands, and fairly cheap drinks, the 331 Club has become one of the preferred hot spots for happy hourists and original music seekers, not to mention a vital cog in the NE arts corridor on 13th and NE University Ave. Now word comes that the city aims to pull the plug on the amps. Here's a plea from the 331's general manager Jarret Oulman:

"As of November 15, 2006, the City of Minneapolis will require the 331 Club to cease providing amplified music and entertainment. We are asking for your support in fighting this ban by the City. With your support, the 331 Club can continue to provide an exciting and progressive music venue in North East.

"The city's concern is that it needs to regulate businesses impact on their communities (ie noise, traffic etc). And amplified entertainment is considered to have an unacceptable level of impact to the community. We think that, rather than harming the community, the music programming at the 331 Club is providing an important opportunity for local musicians and performers and is making the North East community a richer place.

"We are asking you to write a letter to your city council member and to Mayor Rybak in support of the 331 Club. Please tell them how the developing scene at the 331 Club has had a positive (or negative) impact on the local community. Your feedback will be important to the City Council's decisions regarding the future of North East.

"Thank you for your support, Jarret Oulman General Manager 331club [email protected]


"Diane Hofstede can be reached at Minneapolis City Counsel – 3rd Ward 350 S. 5th St. Rm 307 Email: [email protected] Phone: 612-673-2203

"Mayor R.T. Rybak's office can be reached at Room 331, City Hall 350 South Fifth St. Minneapolis, MN 55415 [email protected] (612) 673-2100 phone"

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