The Cedar sign gets facelift


Oh, the poor Cedar marquee. What used to shine proudly like a beacon along the Cedar/Riverside neighborhood is now busted and sad. The lights have long died, the sign is partially rusted, and there are rumors of small rodents living inside. According to the fine people at the Cedar, the sign hit rock–bottom when it was featured on Dumps McGumps for being fugly.

The Cedar, which hosts an impressive array of both national, global, and local music and performers, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by raising funds in hopes to light the marquee like candles on a birthday cake. The Cedar Cultural Center is a 501 K non–profit, so it is relying on donations to fix the sign. If the right amount is raised, the sign will be repaired to its rust–free, neon glory, a fitting sign for the landmark music venue.

To check out the proposed improvements, or to learn more about the "Light the Marquee Campaign," check out check out the Cedar’s site here.