The Cedar announces 416 Club grants recipients for 2012-13

The Cedar announces 416 Club grants recipients for 2012-13
Photo By Erik Hess

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The Cedar Cultural Center has consistently been supportive of young, emerging artists, giving them a hospitable environment to share and develop their music in front of a welcoming audience. That tradition continues with the Cedar's announcement of this year's recipients of the Jerome Foundation grant as part of the second annual 416 Club Commission Music Series. The grant commissions seven musicians to create new work specifically for the Cedar stage, encouraging unlikely collaborations with diverse artists while fostering them to explore different genres and forms through their music.

The 2012-13 recipients of the 416 Club grant and their respective musical projects are:

Ted Moore - String quartet & live audio processing inspired by Gilgamesh
Nathan Hanson - Saxophone choir inspired by Bulgarian choral compositions
Maria Isa Perez - Collaboration with Adriana Rimpel of Malamanya
David Gerald Sutton - Electric string quartet explores Alzheimer's Disease
Miriam Gerberg - Turko-Arabic works combined with Javanese gamelan
Pooja Goswami Pavan - Collaboration with bouzouki player Greg Herriges
Nicholas Gaudette - Upright bass collaboration with modern dancers

A hearty congratulations to all of these deserving recipients!

This year's winners were chosen from over sixty applicants who all presented their proposed projects to a committee which included members of all facets of the Twin Cities music scene, including some Cedar staff. They will each receive $2,500 to create at least 30 minutes of new music to be premiered at the Cedar in January and February of 2013.

Last year's 416 Club winners included Dessa, who delighted a sold-out Cedar audience with a captivating, stripped-down performance which was filmed and aired by TPT's MN Original program, as well as the debut of Aby Wolf's mesmerizing new ensemble, A. Wolf & Her Claws.

This year's recipients should only add to the creative history of this new but invigorating artistic endeavor, which hopefully will bring new, inventive music to area music fans for many years to come.

More information about each of the artists and their musical projects can be found on the Cedar website.

Here are the scheduled dates of each artist's 416 Club performance at the Cedar in 2013, with tickets for all of the performances going on-sale in September.:

Ted Moore -- January 6
Nathan Hanson -- January 13
Maria Isa Perez -- January 20
David Gerald Sutton -- January 27
Miriam Gerberg -- February 3
Pooja Goswami Pavan -- February 17
Nicholas Gaudette -- February 24

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